Planning to travel in Europe by car?

Going on holiday in your own car ensures independence and gives you the opportunity to move around quickly. But take care of a few important things before you go on a long journey by car.

A car trip is primarily about independence, especially when you are planning a so-called “traveling” trip, i.e. you want to visit several countries or towns in one country. You are independent and have the ability to reach out to less accessible places. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about the number or size of suitcases you take with you. But be well prepared for this trip.

Good preparation of the car for the journey

It is very important to look carefully at the cars. He will have to travel long distances, and fix defects abroad is usually not only more expensive than at home, but also much more burdensome, especially if we get stuck somewhere on the road. You can check yourself, for example, tire pressure, the condition of the spare wheel or the level of oil and brake fluid. However, if you do not have the right knowledge, you can use a mechanic. It is best to check the condition of the vehicle a few weeks before the planned date of departure, in order to have time to repair the defects in case of diagnosis.

Once you are sure that your car is in good working order, make sure it is properly equipped. The requirements for what should be in our car vary from country to country (see list below). However, the basic things such as a pharmacy, an efficient fire extinguisher, a warning triangle and a reflective jacket should always be in our boot, especially for our safety. The Czech Republic and Slovakia, through which we pass, for example, when we go to the Mediterranean, have relatively strict requirements regarding the equipment of the vehicle and they must be complied with, otherwise, we have to take into account the need to pay a fine.

Let us not forget the documents that we should carry with us when we travel abroad. The driver must collect the vehicle registration certificate (with a valid technical inspection), the vehicle service booklet and the current third party insurance.

Think of good motor insurance, which will work abroad if you don’t have one yet, of course. Car insurance, which you must have in the European Union countries, is certainly a third party insurance policy. If you travel through countries outside the EU, you need a green card.

The car insurance package that you equip your car with should cover the costs of towing the car, its repair and a replacement car for the rest of your journey. Read more about what kind of motor insurance you should have for your trip abroad.

Traffic rules abroad

Before you leave, check not only the route of your trip, even if you have navigation in your car, but also get acquainted with the current traffic regulations of the country. It is not only the country of the destination but also the countries on the route. Lack of knowledge of road traffic regulations can cost a lot of money

Permissible speed

The prices of seats in European countries vary but are usually higher than in Poland. For example, exceeding the speed limit by 20 km/h will hurt us the most in Norway, where the penalty is about 400 euros (depending on the speed that is allowed on a given road). If we happen to drive too fast at 10 km/h, we will not get a mandate in Poland, and in Norway, the mandate will be EUR 65 (up to 5 km/h) or EUR 135 (up to 10 km/h).


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