Finally, it’s time to go on holiday. Before relaxing by the sea, however, you have to face the preparation of luggage … And so we wonder what to pack for the beach holidays, with the hope of not leaving at home anything essential.

Whether it’s the first time you’ve left after a long time, or you travel a lot, packing your suitcase always requires a certain amount of effort.

So where do we start?

Check the weather forecast

One, two days before the long-awaited departure for the beach holidays it is essential to consult the weather forecast and get an idea of what awaits us. We can not always take them to the letter, especially if you go to places like Jesolo and Caorle, where mistakes are the order of the day. Checking them, however, we can get a rough idea of the temperatures and the probability of encountering rain or downpours and choose more accurately what to pack.

Think of the means by which you will travel

Another aspect to consider is how we will travel. Will we reach the beaches by car? Do we have to catch a plane? Or do we travel by public transport?

It’s undeniable, the size and number of suitcases depends largely on our means of transport. But even if our cars are spacious and our suitcases are ultra light, knowing how to select the things that are really useful and to leave out the useless ones makes the difference and choosing well what to pack is fundamental…

In addition to the difficulty of moving around the airports, think about the risk of incurring surcharges and penalties, which is always around the corner when you fly. If you travel on the road, by vehicle or by car, heavy suitcases and backpacks can be difficult to handle, load and unload. They also take up a lot of space. Taking a 2-3 hour trip without legroom can make the start of our adventure much less enjoyable than we had imagined.

Study the program of holidays by the sea

Before choosing what to pack, it is important to think for a moment about the activities we have planned to do during our beach holidays. Are we planning elegant dinners? Are we going to practice sport? Are we going to visit particular places? Imagine the activities you want to do day by day and you’ll immediately know what you need.

Once you have analysed these three points, you can prepare a list of the things you need and start your selection. The advice we give you is to place everything on the bed or floor, so that you have an overview of the things you have chosen. This way it will be easier to identify what is missing and notice what is extra. Also, dividing everything into bags or envelopes will give you a tidy suitcase and less effort to find things.

What to pack: beach holiday clothing

The parameters that should guide you in choosing the garments to wear are: lightness, practicality, versatility, ease of washing and drying. We must not forget that every garment must first of all protect our body, especially that of children. The heat, the humidity but also the rain, the wind and the fresh air are conditions that we can face, even if as a destination we have chosen the beautiful beaches of the Adriatic.

What to pack: T-shirts at will, practical and cute Bermuda shorts, tank tops, sunbathing dresses, at least a sweatshirt or sweater, a waterproof jacket or k-way and – if your program provides some special occasion – a pair of more elegant clothes for the evening.

Are you planning any physical activities during your beach holiday?

Then don’t forget to bring everything you need with you.

Our tip: small clothing, such as costumes, pyjamas or underwear, should be stored in transparent, reusable plastic bags. This way they will take up less space and be easier to find.

I recommend that you give priority to garments that adapt to different contexts, which you can reuse on more than one occasion.

What to pack: accessories for beach holidays

During your beach holiday having or not having the right accessories can make a difference. Think, for example, of shoes.

What to pack: sneakers for travel, slippers for the beach and to stay at home, boots for any excursions in nature and a pair of more elegant sandals for the evening.

In the beauty case you should not miss the toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, brush and comb, tweezers, scissors, handkerchiefs, creams and various detergents for the body and hair. The shaving razor for him and the make-up equipment for her.

Our advice: very useful are the heat bag – to bring snacks and drinks to the beach -, some good books and the inevitable magazine of puzzles.

Finally, do not underestimate the convenience of having a backpack. You can put in everything you need for the day and carry it without too much effort, with both hands free. It becomes even more comfortable with a waterproof cover.

What to pack: the beach

It’s all year round that you wait to enjoy a bit of sun and relax under the umbrella … the beach, however, must be experienced responsibly. Here is the list of things not to be forgotten.

What to pack: beach bag, beach towels, caps, sun creams with adequate protection factor, soothing cream for the after sun, protective sunglasses, cocoa butter to protect the lips, creams and lotions against insects, possible swimming cap.

For the little ones we remember the armrests and the life jacket.

Our advice: you are leaving for the sea, it is right to think about the fun too! If you’re travelling with your puppies, you can’t miss a bucket, paddles, watering can, moulds and some nice inflatables… all stored in a practical bag or plastic bag. If the space in the car is scarce or if you don’t want to load too much during the trip, don’t worry: you can always decide to buy everything on the spot.

What to pack: first aid

There is no better way to avoid holiday sickness than to leave with everything you need!

What to pack: lactic acid enzymes, thermometer, painkiller, anti-inflammatory, eye drops, glycerine suppositories, fever and nausea medications, burn ointments, disinfectant, cotton, wet wipes and plasters.

If you suffer from car sickness, don’t forget to bring something with you to help you get through the journey.

What to pack: technology and surroundings

Needless to say, technology accompanies us more and more often in our travels, even when we want to spend a few relaxing days in the midst of nature.

What to pack: battery charger of the various smart phones, any tablet or Kindle with accessories and battery charger, mp3 player with everything you need to listen to music alone or in the company, any camera.

Our advice: put all the technological objects and related accessories in a case, so as not to lose anything and protect everything from sand and water.